Jaap Harlaar, Professor

Delft University of Technology

Jaap Harlaar received his master's degree in electrical engineering, after which he designed signal processing methods for EMG recordings in a context of movement analysis to inform clinical decision making. Combining biomechanics and motor-control he started an interdisciplinary research program at the VU university in Amsterdam, This means applying innovative technologies in a clinical gait lab for the assessment of neuromuscular function as precision diagnostics for patients with neurological diseases. Jaap held a chair on clinical movement analysis and was president of ESMAC (European Society of Movement analysis in Adults and Children). Later Jaap started another interdisciplinary research program on movement biomechanics in Knee Osteoarthritis. He co-developed the GRAIL, an instrumented treadmill in a VR environment, used for advanced neuromusculoskeletal diagnostics in KOA and also to develop targeted gait retraining for these patients. In 2017 Jaap joined the dept of biomechanical engineering of Delft University of Technology, and somewhat later also the dept. of orthopaedics of Erasmus Medical Center to join Sita Bierma-Zeinstra and Edwin Oei, starting a program MOBI (Modeling OA through Biomechanics and Imaging), aiming for precision diagnostics (biomechanical biomarkers) in KOA. Jaap also leads the educational program Clinical Technology in Delft/Rotterdam/Leiden.