Concurrent Session 9: Severe Type of OA

Concurrent Session

Date/Time: Saturday, May 1, 2021 - 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM
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A Dance with Biomechanics

A dance with biomechanics; a break from the linear processes of traditional gait analyses that considers how people with osteoarthritis respond to challenges during dynamic activities such as walking. We learn to dance, we stumble, we move in unexpected ways and we build on this to one-day create a beautiful movement. This presentation will highlight work completed to date in gait perturbation research as it applies to osteoarthritis biomechanics and muscle activation patterning. The influence of biomechanical analyses in our understanding of osteoarthritis pathomechanics has been profound, considering the investigations taking place over the past 3-plus decades. Applications of walking perturbations, embedded within this paradigm, are novel. Many people with lower extremity osteoarthritis are challenged to remain mobile, afraid of movement and lack confidence that their joints will support them on their next step. The cycle of inactivity emerges. Gait perturbation research has the potential to break this cycle, allowing us to understand the mechanisms by which people with osteoarthritis maintain joint function in the face of unpredictable walking challenges. As we strive to one-day return people suffering with OA to beautiful movement, a dance with biomechanics is vital.

Followed by abstract presentations.