Concurrent Session 12: Biomarkers for OA

Concurrent Session

Date/Time: Saturday, May 1, 2021 - 2:45 PM to 4:45 PM
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Assessment of Biomarkers of Tissue Remodeling in OA, and their Relation to Patient Related Outcome (PRO), Prognostic and Pharmacodynamic Ability
A biomarker is an objective, quantifiable characteristics of a biological process. These is a medical need in OA to develop biomarkers that can describe the underlining pathogenesis of disease and pair disease representation with the optimal treatment. Recently, biomarkers of the underlying disease and tissue remodeling have been shown to correlate to how a patient function and feels (PROs), emphasizing their importance. Moreover, such objective assessments may be used to assess potential efficacy, as pharmacodynamic measures. We present studies conducted by us and colleagues in the field have shown that biomarkers assessing collagen and ECM metabolites in blood are prognostic for outcome as well as pharmacodynamic tools, but in addition correlate to PROs. Furthermore, there is a beginning association of OA endotypes and treatment response, such as the suggested low repair endotype which may be predictive of larger anabolic response in OA. In this talk we aim to summarize selected highlights of the ongoing research with the goal of linking biomarkers with clinical outcomes.

Followed by abstract presentations.